The Internet and World Health Contributions

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the world for the better. It has improved how we live our lives. Consider life before you could order products from Amazon or use credit cards everywhere. Not only has this helped people, but it has helped charities around the world.

Before the internet, marketing for charities, such as the World Health Organization, could only be done by cold calls, physical mail, or in-person canvassing. Now, with the use of social media, this can be done virtually and at little to no cost. Because of this new and extremely viable way to get their information out, this has caused an increase in donations online for charities.

In 2017, online giving in the US was increased by a shocking 12.1 percent. This is an incredible amount and definitely was the result of online advertising.

Not only is the amount of donations increasing, but the amount of large donations is also increasing. A study in 2013 states that six organizations reported donations of $100,000 or more and that more companies are reporting higher average donations. With the ease of donating online, it makes donating higher amounts less scary for first-time or repeat donors.

A lot of organizations revolve around the health of people, and the World Health Organization celebrates this by utilizing the internet to inform people of their holiday, World Health Day. Check out the World Health Organization’s website to find out more information on the holiday and how WHO takes full advantage of the internet.

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