The Two Professions that Influence Website Creation: the Actual Web Developer and the Graphic Artist

Designing a website by yourself can be a long and frustrating process. Thankfully, there are people who can do this for you, and who actually like doing it! These are the web developers and graphic artists of the world. People often confuse these two roles but it’s important to know the difference.

So let’s read about the difference between the two and discover how they work together to bring you a website you can be proud of.

What is a Graphic Artist?

Before you can start building a website, you need a design to follow. This is where the graphic artist comes in. A graphic artist takes the client’s idea and puts it to paper. They are experts in color coordination, the flow of the site, and the development of graphics for the website. Once they are able to come up with a design, they will bring it to the client to get approval, and then take it to a web developer.

What is a Web Developer?

To build a website you need a good understanding of code and how the backend of a website works. Luckily, web developers are masters of this. They take the design from the graphic artist and create the website according to the agreed-upon plans. A web developer knows the ins and outs of making a website work, so they can implement different programs, features, or other customizations needed.

How Do They Work Together? 

We’ve mentioned that graphic artists and web developers work together. However, there are times when this is not always the case. In order for a website to be built properly and on time, there needs to be communication between the client, the designer, and the developer, and lots of it. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page is key in order to avoid disruption and lost time.

One thing to remember is that web developers can’t do everything a graphic designer wants, and vice versa. Getting any of these issues out in the open makes everything easier and allows all parties to move forward with the project.


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