The Web Design Move from Flash to Video

If you started building your website way back in the late 90s and early 2000s, chances are you were probably incorporating Adobe Flash Video into your site. However, those days are past.

In 2020, Chrome and other web browsers will no longer support Adobe Flash videos and your site will not be accessible by those trying to find you online. As a result, it is time to start moving your web design from Flash to other video formats.

Here’s what you need to know:

What’s wrong with Flash — There are several reasons why Adobe Flash is being phased out. First is the fact that there were major security issues detected in the last decade. Also, Flash is not compatible with mobile devices. Today, the majority of Internet users are browsing on their phones or tablets and not on a computer. This means you need to adapt your site to fit their browser. Flash is not able to do this. Finally, Flash videos require the Flash player which has to be updated regularly, another issue with the format as a whole.

Alternative #1: HTML5 — The first alternative is the format that is poised to completely replace Flash: HTML5. By using a basic series of code, you can add this functionality to your website and incorporate HTML5 videos going forward. There are also ways to convert your videos from Flash to HTML5, but it is a clunky and difficult process. In general, it is just easier to create your new videos “from the ground up.”

Alternative #2: YouTube — If you want another, easier method to add videos, then consider embedding them from a video hosting site such as YouTube. You can create your own videos, upload them to YouTube, and then simply embed the links to your video into your website. This has the added bonus of not making you host the video. In effect, YouTube does all the heavy lifting of hosting and storing the video; your website will simply point the visitor in the right direction.

Adding videos to your website is an important step as it gives the site an air of professionalism that may be lacking on your competitor’s pages. But if you choose to add video, then you need to make sure that it is in the format that your visitors can use. Switching from Flash to embedded videos is a necessary step before the format is gone forever.

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