Ugly Truck Day

Old Truck

 Ugly Truck Day

Transformation can be as easy as a $50.00 Rust- oleum Roller Paint Job . But we recommend a website redesign makeover diagnostic consultation with Quality Engineering Designs. We can give you a 3 point analysis and get your website up and running with a new look and SEO optimized for a price your small to medium sized businesses would benefit from and afford.

We want you to treat your website as you would your own body or a car you just invested a substantial amount of money into. Think of it as beautifying the world a little more with a redesigned website done by a company who actually cares about what you think, and the ideas you have for putting up a new website, or relaunching your existing site new and improved. In celebration of Ugly Truck Day we invite you to join us in restoring your business website with optimization in mind. Remember there are three types of optimization; digital, mobile and SEO. In restoring an older website you need to update it with the types of optimization mentioned above. There are many website building tricks out there to waste your money but at Quality Engineering Designs, we can get you there at a reasonable price and educate you on how to keep your website updated and easy to operate. We think that especially since the new Google optimization changes, another consideration for a website checkup is related to our previous post on Website Health Day where we equated that a healthy website contributes to the overall health of the world by creating e-commerce helping with fuel and transportation costs. Or an older car needing emissions standards fixes to comply with clean air standards.


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