Underdog Day


Underdog Day

Underdog Day is a unique holiday where the world honors its greatest unsung heroes, runners up and unlikely winners who have pulled off the unexpected: success. The underdog is typically slotted to fail or lose against the top dog, or most favored to win.

It’s normal for you and your business to face criticism and be stuck in the underdog position. Remember that an underdog doesn’t think he’s an underdog. He believes he is a champion. If you focus on proving an individual (or group wrong), you miss the point.

An underdog who believes he is an underdog isn’t prepared for success.

Your mentality must be that of the champion, of the winner. If your end goal is to smirk at your opponents and say that you did it, how will your business sustain itself after the win? Or better yet, when you own your own business, what is your “proof” of success? Where is the finish line?

Success isn’t a sprint or a competition. It’s a measure against your personal values. It’s also based in fact and not emotional proof.

Success feels great, especially when you’ve overcome so many obstacles to reach it. But once you’re there, then what?

An underdog will be content to remain where they are and celebrate with the bragging rights. They don’t push themselves past the initial win, and fall back into stagnation.

A successful business owner will be ready to tackle the next challenge with preparation, hard work, loyalty to clients, customers, and employees, as well as dedication to his or her craft.

Follow your course until success. Measure against yourself and your goals. Focus on the outcome and not the emotional validation the underdog craves at the end of the race. You determine your own value, and don’t ever let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

You’re not the underdog. You’re the champion. Now go out there and prove it.

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