Veterans’ Day

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Let's honor our Veterans this year by stepping up and giving them what they need to succeed. This does not only mean on the battle field but when they return home to the United States. I am personally amazed at how poorly we have treated our Vets in the last thirty years. They go fight wars without question but when they come home they are bombarded with questions and obstacles when trying to get back to civilian life. A lot of our returning vets are faced with sometimes life threatening injuries and don't need to put up with bureaucracy when they are  returning to civilian life. The prolific increase in Post traumatic stress syndrome is enough to make your toes curl.  America lets not neglect the ones who are there to protect our way of life. Lets not abuse our military and put ourselves at risk of loosing it. The most powerful military in the world cannot afford to forget those who do the hard work required of them by leaving them mentally bankrupt after they have been through brutal battles and return home.

We don't want to risk the future of  our nation. Our veterans are one of the most important classes in our society but yet one of the most neglected once they have done their duty.  From my knowledge of history if we keep neglecting our Veterans ,it will be at  our own peril. A society that prides itself on its freedom and tries to export it across the world  needs a military that believes in what its country stands for. Show your support by living up to the greatness of our nation, do something great for those who risk their lives for us give back to those who would give their life for you and your way of life. Let us never forget and remember to always honor the Veterans of the United States.


veterans day card American soldier serviceman saluting with stars and stripes flag in background

veterans day card American soldier serviceman saluting with stars and stripes flag in background


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