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scaredfaceWhen considering Website Colors  it helps to understand some basics of what colors look good together and elicit an emotion that leads the viewer to feel more energetic after experiencing the colors of your website. I chose to cover this topic because it very important for the new website owner to put some thought into it. Many new business owners default to using the color scheme of their logo. This is great if your logo color was well thought out and designed; keeping in mind this is where your branding begins and your ability to make your company marketing aesthetically pleasing to the eye; and we do this through color. Website design is not all about color. It also involves content placement, functionality and a clean presentation. However I will cover three uses of color application in this post and illustrate each as an example for what to look out for when choosing color, font, and text color in your website.

Teyecolorhe definition of Color Theory I think best fits for me is the interaction of colors in a design through complementation, contrast, and vibrancy.

Making sure you follow this CCV rule is what will keep your website views growing and your conversion rates increasing over time. Colors that draw the viewer in are why logo and website design should be a part of the reason for consulting a website designer. .

Complementation of colors refers to the way colors relate to other colors and the way we percieve the relationships of those colors. For example, when colors are selected from opposite locations on the color wheel, the eye is given a balanced medium in which to view the page. These color schemes are often considered aesthetically pleasing.

eyecolor2Contrast is the second component and provides a balance between light and dark. Effective use of contrast can alleviate eye strain and allow your visitors to read your content without causing a headache.

Vibrancy plays an important role in the emotional response generated by the design. Brighter colors are associated with a higher energy response, these are good for product promotion when feelings high positive energy can cause the user to be more likely to purchase products. Darker shades are more relaxing, allowing the user to focus on various subjects. Darker shades can be used for educational websites where users may want to read slowly in order analyze the meaning of the content.

All of these factors can be implemented in any number of ways. Depending on the purpose of the website, the color scheme vary significantly.


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