Website Health Day

WorldHealthDayblogphotoThe health of your website can directly impact the health of the world.


When you start a business using a website to market, advertise, or sell a particular service, website health contributes to the overall health of the World.

You’re asking yourself what that has to do with world health day. If you create a healthy website you make a smaller impact on the environment.

You are not adding paper waste to our landfills that traditional paper and cardboard advertising uses. The paper, ink and a variety of other materials used can pollute our ground water from printing waste; those chemicals contributing to the degradation of our physical health and the health of fowl that frequently flock to landfills for food.

E-business may dramatically cut paper waste | ZDNet

A healthy website has enough information which will contribute to healthy consumer consumption.

Helping people make better decisions when it comes to product selection. This is all done without hopping into the car and driving all over town searching for consumable items; thus decreasing gas consumption and as a result cutting down on greenhouse gasses.

Perhaps the most important reason is that you are providing the consumer with pertinent information without ever leaving your home.

Consumer Online Shopping Behavior: The Effect of Internet Marketing Environment, Product Characteristics, Familiarity and Confidence and Promotional Offer

So if you are a business that considers itself green you may want to give your website a checkup. By doing this you will help the world, your customer and your business. At Quality Engineering Designs we want you to be healthy along with your website and your emerging business. Let us do a check up on your website to diagnose if you are fulfilling the needs of a healthy world through a healthy website.

As you know, more information you can provide your potential customer the healthier you can help them be as well as your business and the global environment in general.

Environmental and Economic Effects of E-Commerce

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