Women In Engineering Day

Feb 25th Women in Engineering

Women In Engineering Day

The topic of Women In Engineering Day got me to thinking about how far women have come. There was a time when women had no place in the workforce and many thought it was supposed to be that way. Thank goodness things and times have changed.fig4a If I look back to when I was in college, diversity was the huge topic of discussion . Well, it has now been 34 years and you know what ,diversity is still at the forefront of public discourse. You may be asking yourself where are you going with this? I want to address why it is important to expand this dialog and give solutions I think would benefit all. The numbers speak for themselves; it is no longer a viable excuse to exclude women or any minority from a profession, depriving over half the population of the opportunities to purse the profession of their choice.

The statistics now show that of all the Bachelor's degrees awarded, women have continuously, 1993-2013, earned more than that of the general population. Now when I say degrees earned I mean all those representing Science and Engineering. So here is the deal, now knowing the wealth of professional women talent coming out of college means that it is up to small business to capitalize on their skills and put them to work. There is a glut of technology positions out there as well as a shortfall of qualified candidates; this presents a major problem for the US.  I propose that we begin encouraging women to go into these fields to boost our technology economy and keep the US competitive and relevant in the future.  I think this is important because I am getting tired of the US loosing ground in technology, particularly technology that can keep us safe. We just had Internet Safety Day and this is one of my suggestions to deal with the problem.

fig5aIn conclusion, Women in Engineering is an opportunity for the US to make up its Science and Engineering deficit by not only encouraging women to study engineering, but hiring them without sexual bias. As Donald Trump  slogan says "we can make America great again". How we do this  is to include all and exclude none from the dream and produce things that will make us great again, and that is American ingenuity , life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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