World Telecommunications Day

Technology in the hands of businessmen

The World Communicates through Telecommunications; how are you benefitting?

World Telecommunications Day highlights the importance of communication and how information travels across the world. The World today communicates more than ever thanks to the science of Telecommunications.  It also aims to increase awareness of how crucial communication is in our lives and stimulate the development of technologies in the field. Technological uses and applications have evolved as well as the tools that drive the science.

Let us understand the definition first. A noun,1.Sometimes, telecommunication. ( used with a singular verb) the transmission of information, as words, sounds, or images, usually over great distances, in the form of electromagnetic signals, as by telegraph, telephone, radio, or television.2.Sometimes, telecommunication. ( used with a singular verb) the science and technology of such. 3.telecommunication, a message so transmitted .adjective 4.of or relating to telecommunications.

Now that you have a definition let us explore how Telecommunications affect your way of operating a business. Some would argue that technology has made it easier to run a business. While on the other side the others would say not. The truth is that it depends upon the type of business you want to start or run. When I graduated from high school in 1982 the business landscape looked much different than it looks today in 2016. As a entry level office employee you were only required to have a working knowledge of  sending a fax, operating a coy machine, answering a multi-line phone system, and lastly basic computer data entry skills, typing at least 35 wpm. However now, the list has grown and for some of us slackers the new office equipment can present some challenges. The one that comes to mind first is the Cell-Phone, which in just a year has become the Smart Phone. These changes occur so rapidly its hard for users to keep up.

Telecommunications have and will continue to affect the effectiveness of business. The key is to utilize the systems most in line with your small business. There is one last telecommunication tool any and all new small businesses should have , and that is a good website. Other tools should include a good network of other small businesses that work together to grow each others business creating a tribe within a village of business owners.


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